Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Last Survivors Grand Army Nemaha County Kansas

Some of the last survivors of the Grand Army: (1900) Not all of the last survivors of George Graham Post of the G.A.R. are shown in the picture, but all are well remembered figures of about 50 years ago.

Top Row: Left to right: Ambrose Geer, W. H. Dannels, George W. Johnson, W. H. Thornberry, W. S. Nash, Mortimer Matthews, D. H. Ferguson, John A. Heinen, L. M. Davis
Second Row: H. D. Coan, James Parcels, Wm. H. Wright, B. D. Graham, Granderson W. Johnson, Joshua Mitchel, C. H. Steinmeier, N. C. Tolman, Wm. Butler
Bottom Row: left to right: Sam Sheeley, Van B. Fisher, John W. Larimer, George F. Roots, Joseph Guffy, Valentine Shaffer, E. R. Murphy, Thos. Magee, Charles Skinner