Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Buried in Snow

As we are invaded by a 'Polar Vortex', we likely will be caught complaining about our cold winter weather.

When looking back thru the history of Nemaha county, our weather may not be any worse than in the past. A search thru the Nemaha County Historical Society archives shows the town of Seneca was buried in snow.

Other pictures showed the 'snow plow' on the front of a train pushing the snow out of the way.

The article, Was a Kansas Blizzard, in the February 29, 1912 issue of The Courier-Democrat describes the aftermath of a snow storm.

Was a Kansas Blizzard

Sunday night's storm was a genuine
Kansas blizzard. But for one thing
it would probably have been the worst
in years. It was not cold although
the wind blew a gale and the drifts
piled high. A large amount of snow,
collecting on the south roof of the
Adams & Hailey Feed Barn, crushed
in the roof beneath the weight. Train
service was knocked clear out along
the Grand Island and an engine and
caboose were derailed near the brick
yards Monday morning. The  North-
western Plug started out bravely
Monday morning but returned at noon,
having been dug out of a drift at
Sourk's Switch by Frank Raper's
crew. The Northwestern switch en-
gine was off the track near Butler's
residence Monday morning.

What's your winter tale? Consider sharing your story and/or pictures with us.

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