Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Flagpoles Coming

Thanks to an Eagle Scout project by Bryant Stallbaumer, the Temple of Honor Military Museum will have new flagpoles gracing the lawn in front of the museum. The design calls for a circular base with an embedded five point star. Each point of the star will have a bronze medallion for the five branches of the service. Within the star will be three flagpoles. Once completed the United States flag, the Kansas flag and the MIA-POW flag will be flying in front of the the military museum.

This project is still in need of funding. If you would like to help get these flags flying in front of the military museum, your donation can be mailed to the Nemaha County Historical Society at 113 N. 6th, Seneca, Kansas. Please put 'flagpole' in the memo area of your check to specify this particular project.

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