Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Check Out Clio

When planning family outings, do you try to include visits to museums, historical sites or points of interest? If so, there's an app to help you choose where to visit: Clio. Clio is a mobile app and web site to guide users to thousands of historical and cultural sites in the United States.

 Last week, the Nemaha County Historical Society was approved to add entries to Clio. As an initial project, we have added six Seneca sites to Clio:

  • Hand Dug Well
  • Nemaha County Historical Society
  • Temple of Honor Military Museum
  • Seneca Post Office
  • Seneca Free Library
  • Seneca Fire Department Museum
Each of these sites as well as most of the sites on Clio include photos and links to further information. The written information about each site was taken from the walking tour posters, brochures and even a post card. (Yes, a bibliography of the sources used is at the bottom of each entry.) 

There are a lot more places in Nemaha county deserving an entry on Clio. However, we will need the communities help to gather the photos, links and source material. (Note: This would make a great senior project.)

Check us out on Clio!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Quit before Four

Cletus Suther and family donated a quilt made by the 'Quit before Four' quilting group to the Nemaha County Historical Society today.

Members of the club each made a quilt block and signed the block. Names on the block include Francis Krammer, laurine Lackey, Louise Stuke, Dorothy Lierz, Elizabeth Frehe, Cathryn Lierz, Minnie Stuke, Rose Gress, Rita Stuke, Rachel Henry, Dorothy Ronnebaum, Charlene Mohlman, Josephine Kuckleman, Marie Ronnebaum and Elsie Wempe.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mysterious Item

Do you know the history behind this item?

This trash can is made out of cardboard. The donor said that cardboard was used to make trash cans during World War II to avoid using metal in the making of the trash cans.

The following blog posts discuss the need to save metal for the war effort.

There is an imprint on the side of the trash can.

We believe this reads:
Menasha Inpervo Can
contents 2 1/2 gal
All Type
Mgr Under patent numbers
1,802,857 and 1,892,575
Menasha, Was.

Unfortunately, historical information about this item has not been found. Please contact the Nemaha County Historical Society (nchs@rainbowtel.net) if you have information on this or any similar item.

Due Bills

We've all likely heard the term, 'bills due' but have you heard of 'due bills'. As we were going thru boxes to verify wh...