Monday, October 3, 2016

Archives in Nemaha County

Since October is American Archives Month AND Family History Month, this is a great time to check out the various archives in and around Nemaha County. The fact that both of these are celebrated in the same month is logical since it is often necessary to visit an archive to get that one piece of information to identify that ancestor or better tell the family story.

Since an archive collects documents or records that tell about the people or the place, a community can have a variety of places that have this type of record. Examples of places to look for archival type records in Nemaha County would include (but not be limited to):
  • Nemaha County Courthouse
  • Nemaha County Historical Society
  • Albany Museum
  • Pony Express Museum
  • Public Libraries
  • Churches (many of the local Catholic churches have items from high schools that have been closed)
  • School Districts
  • City Offices
All of the above are 'physical' archives which means one has to determine their hours, what types of records they might have and any special rules about using their resources.

Some archival type records are available online. For example, the Nemaha County Historical Society has a digital archive. This digital archive allows anyone to search the collection and brings up a list of results with small images of the item and a description.