Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Found in the Archives

This week's random search of the archives was for the keyword, Washington, in honor of Washington's birthday. As expected this search turned up several items related to George Washington.

However, it also turned up an interesting tidbit about a Nemaha Countian:

Wm. Butler Slosson and Achsah Louise Lilly Slosson Pioneers from New York State to Albany and Sabetha. Their son, Dr. Edwin Emery Slosson, scientist, author, editor, lecturer, 1st Director of Science Service at Washington D.C. was born at Albany, Kansas, June 7, 1865 and died October 15, 1929. 

A search of Tennal's History of Nemaha County for 'Slosson' turned up quite a few entries. The first entry states that the Slosson family were among the early settlers of Rock Creek Township.

To learn more about Dr. Edwin Slosson, the first Director of Science Service, the online version of the Sabetha Herald was searched. Since his death date was found in the archives, the search was limited to 1929. One of the articles found was a biography of Dr. Edwin Slosson.

Come check out the Nemaha Historical Society Archives and see what tidbit of information you find.

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