Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unknown County Officers

Today, we found a clipping in an old book. The clipping is from an unknown paper outlining the county officers. Please help us identify the location and time period for this clipping.

County Officers
  • Clerk: A. A. Nork
  • Treasurer: John Kramer
  • Register of Deeds: Adamantha Newton
  • Probate Judge: W. W. Potter
  • District Clerk: A. B. Campbell
  • Attorney: Jas. Jas VanVliet
  • Supt. Public Inst.: C. E. Drumm
  • Assessor: C. E. Travelute
  • Coroner: Dr. J. R. Shumway
  • Sheriff: Jas. Sullivan
  • Commissioners T. P. O'Neil
  • Commissioner: D. O. Parker
  • Commissioner: Jas. Kennedy
City Officers
  • Mayor: J. B. Temple
  • Councilman: Ed Hanna
  • Councilman: Robert Manley
  • Councilman: R. J. Sample
  • Councilman: G. W. Keller
  • Councilman: M. Slater
  • Clerk: C. M. Tabor
  • Treasurer: Dan Meara
  • Police Judge: J. M. Wright
  • Marshall: John Temple
The back of the clipping has information regarding a Presbyterian Church service and an advertisement for a bank in Kansas. It looks like the bank's name could be Citizens Bank.

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